Do not pay your Alabama Traffic or Speeding ticket untill you understand all the ramifications it will have on your future life.

For over 30 years The Smith Law Firm has been helping Alabama motorists by providing legal representation for speeding and traffic tickets.

Alabama Traffic and Speeding Ticket Lawyer | The Smith Law Firm | Tuscaloosa, Alabama AL
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Why hire The Smith Law Firm to successfully resolve your Alabama speeding or traffic ticket? 

Simple: To save a lot of money. 

Your driving record is extremely valuable, though most people don’t realize this. The premiums you pay for your Alabama auto insurance are based on multiple variables. By far, the single most important variable is your driving record at DMV. Any red light traffic convictions will show up on your driving record as a reason for the auto insurance companies to raise their rates and charge you higher premiums. 

Once the insurance company has raised your rates, they will stay elevated for 3-5 (sometimes 7!) years. Over this time, you will literally pay thousands of dollars in additional premiums for the same auto insurance policy. When the Smith Law Firm is successful in reducing or eliminating your Alabama speeding or ticket citation, your insurance company will not have any reason to raise the premiums they charge you. The money you spend on legal representation now will save you many times more money later. 

This reasoning can be verified if you to call your Alabama insurance agent and ask them what effect a speeding or traffic ticket conviction will have on your car insurance premium rates. They will be honest enough to admit that traffic tickets raise automobile insurance premiums; its that simple.

Even life insurance premiums are affected by red light ticket convictions. Your driving record has a direct impact on the the premium quotes you are given when applying for life insurance.

How your driving record appears affects how you will be treated when facing court prosecution for any future tickets. Prosecutors consider your driving history when contemplating plea bargains to reduce and drop charges, and Judges look at driving records when determining fine amounts at sentencing. Keeping your record clean makes you eligible for more lenient treatment by Judges and Prosecutors. It is only logical.

Unlike other speeding/traffic defense attorneys and lawyers who chose to focus on several areas of law and are sometimes spread thin, the Smith Law firm has a practice emphasis on traffic tickets, auto accidents, DUI’s and violations of Alabama’s Rules of the Road. This has allowed the Smith Law firm to develop a deeper understanding of traffic procedures and case law in Alabama.

The Smith Law Offices helps motorists with legal representation in Macon County and the City of Tuskegee with many types of traffic tickets and violations including:

Red Light
Stop Sign
Failure to Yield
No Insurance
CDL – Commercial Drivers
Cell Phone/Texting
Following too Close
Too Fast for Conditions
Obstructing an Intersection
Speeding in a School Zone

Reginald Smith has been an attorney for over 30 years and has represented clients in thousands of cases. He has helped Alabama drivers avoid auto insurance premium increases, missed work, and travel expenses since they don’t have to go to court themselves. He will go to court for you and fight to keep your speeding or traffic ticket off your driving record.

I encourage you to please fill out the free consulatation form on this website.  Once I know the specifics of your Alabama speeding or traffic ticket charge I will be able to better serve your needs.