I'm from out of state. My home state will never find out about the ticket I got while travelling through Alabama.

False. The Alabama Department of Safety reports all convictions for traffic citations, including speeding tickets, to your home state. Check with your local Department of Safety or equivalent agency to find out the consequences of getting a ticket in Alabama. Each state imposes its own penalties. As a matter of fact, in some states, your driver's license could be suspended if you are convicted of excessive speeding (i.e. 20+ MPH over the posted speed limit).

The Smith Law Firm has been helping 
out-of-state motorists by providing legal
representation for the following types
of traffic tickets and violations for over 30 years

Speeding tickets
Red light
Stop signs
No insurance
Drivers License Restoration
Commercial Driver Licenses – CDL
Traffic Warrants
Reckless Driving

Why hire The Smith Law Firm to successfully resolve your Alabama traffic ticket or citation? 

To save a lot of money. 

Your driving record is very valuable, though most people don’t realize that. The premiums you pay for your auto insurance is based on multiple variables. By far, the single most important variable is your driving record at DMV. Any traffic or speeding violation convictions, even for minor infractions, will show up on your driving record as a reason for the auto insurance companies to jack up their rates to be higher for the premiums you pay to them. 

Once the insurance company has raised your rates, they will stay elevated for 3-5 (sometimes 7!) years. Over this time, you will literally pay thousands of dollars in additional premiums for the same auto insurance policy. When I am successful in reducing or eliminating your Louisiana traffic ticket, your insurance company will not have any justification to raise the premiums they charge you. The money you spend on legal representation now will save you many times more money later. 

This reasoning can be verified if you to call your insurance agent and ask them what effect a traffic court conviction will have on your car insurance premium rates. They will be honest enough to admit that traffic tickets raise automobile insurance premiums; its that simple.

Even life insurance premiums are affected by traffic ticket convictions. Your driving record has a direct impact on the the premium quotes you are given when applying for life insurance.

How your driving record appears affects how you will be treated when facing court prosecution for any future tickets. Prosecutors consider your driving history when contemplating plea bargains to reduce and drop charges, and Judges look at driving records when determining fine amounts at sentencing. Keeping your record clean makes you eligible for more lenient treatment by Judges and Prosecutors. It is only logical.

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